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Références anthroposophiques sur Ahriman et les technologies

1905 Foundations of Esotericism, p.140-146 (Asuras)
1908 The Apocalypse of Saint John
1909 The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers: Lucifer, Ahriman,
Mephitopheles, Asuras
1910 The true nature of the second coming
1917 Behind the Scenes of External Happenings
1917 The Wrong and Right use of Esoteric Knowledge
1907 True and false paths of spiritual investigations
1918 The Challenge of the Times, (p.83-118)
1919 The Ahrimanic Deception
1919 The Archangel Michael : his mission and ours
1915 The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century. Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1973. Lectures 4 and 5 of Oct. 17 and 18, 1915, are Steiner’s fullest treatment of the “eighth sphere.”
1916 Inner Impulses in Evolution, GA 171. Lectures of Sept. 18 & 24, 1916. Rudolf Steiner Press. The starting point indications for Vitzliputzli, the "Mexican Mysteries", and anthroposophical investigations into the chthonic cosmos.

1906 At the Gates of Spiritual Science, GA 95, lecture of Sept. 4, 1906. Rudolf Steiner Press, 1986, pp. 138-140.
The formulation by Rudolf Steiner of the “Nine Layers of Evil” within the Earth, wherein the subterranean layers are described and fully tabulated by him for the only time. The first six strata are also briefly referred to, without much additional detail, in Steiner’s lecture: The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers.

*1917 The Mystery of the Double: Geographic Medicine, GA 178. Lecture of Nov. 16, Mercury Press, 1986.

*1917 Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double
“With the firsthand knowledge available to him, Steiner takes us behind the scenes of external events, revealing the dark world of elitist, secret brotherhoods working to control the masses through the forces of economics, technology and political assassinations. These hidden groups, he explains, seek to gain power through the use of ritual magic and suggestion. Among the many other topics tackled here, Steiner speaks on the geographical quality of the American continent and the forces that proceed from it; the nature of the double (doppelganger) and the dangers of psychoanalysis; the spiritual origin of electromagnetism; the abuse of inoculations and vaccinations; the meaning of Ireland for world development; the confusion of angels with higher beings and the divinity; and, above all, the need for clear insight into world events based on spiritual knowledge.”

1923 Concerning Electricity. Lecture of Jan. 28, 1923, Dornach. From The Anthroposophical Newsheet # 23/24, June 1940.

1924 The Etherization of the Blood, lecture from GA 130 (as included in Steiner’s The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric, AP Press, 1983, and elsewhere).
Steiner’s most succinct exposition of the relationship of the higher ethers and subnatural forces.

1925 Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, GA 26, from March, 1925: From Nature to Subnature. Rudolf Steiner Press, 1973, pp. 217-219. Pithy final notes on sub-nature.

1921 Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy, GA 204. Lectures from 1921. Anthroposophic Press.
Lecture 14 of May 13 has remarkable predictions extending into the eighth millenium concerning the ominous development of technology and the appearance of other helpful forms of life. Initial forms of both phenomena can be seen already: the www of an asuric Spider-Woman?

1922 Nature Spirits, recueil de conférences incluant :
Berlin, 16 mai 1908, Phantoms, Spectres and Demons
Dornach, 16 décembre 1922, Elemental Spirits of Birth and Death
Torquay, 19 août 1924, Ahrimanic Elemental Beings
Dornach 28 mai 1922, The Elemental World and the Future of Mankind

1904 The Temple Legend, GA 93. Lectures from 1904 to 1906. Rudolf Steiner Press,
Many remarks concerning scientism and physical forces interleaved with an esoteric history of Masonry. See pp. 105 – 111, 130, and 280 – 286 (the Keely Motor – l’inspiration derrière le personnage de Strader dans le drame-mystère de Steiner).

MASON, Robert S. (une excellente référence, à lire absolument)
1997 “The Advent of Ahriman” (

KOULIAS, Adriana (excellent et rigoureusement anthroposophique) (le courant du Graal VS anti-Graal)
Faith, Love and Hope as counterforces to Evil:

GULBEKIAN, Sevak Edward
Brothers of the Shadows
1996 At the grave of civilization? A spiritual approach to popular culture
2004 In the Belly of the Beast: holding your own in mass culture: 58;93-111;173-185; 237-242.
2004 The Real Omen

2005 "Internet:Un membre du Comité directeur de Dornach (Prokofieff) voit Satan à l'oeuvre" : (www=666)

SOLOVIEV, Vladimir
1900 A Short Story of the Antichrist : (selon Tradowsky)

1997 Christ and Antichrist
1997 Kaspar Hauser: the struggle for the spirit
(sur la conspiration entourant l’emprisonnement de l’héritier du trône d’Allemagne retrouvé en 1833. L’ouvrage débouche vite sur une étude des agissements d’Ahriman et de Sorat). Sevak Gulbekian en parle dans un chapitre de “In the Belly of the Beast ». (rythmes de 33 ans et assassinats de Lincoln, Kennedy et Diana)

BOCK, Emil
1951 The Apocalypse of St-John (chapitre VI: Humanity at the Threshold)

FRANCKE, Sylvia and CAWTHORNE, Thomas
1996 The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail. Temple Lodge, 1996. Refutation of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail phenomenon. Much on the “fallen ethers” situation. Four ethers : warmt-Ancient Saturn ; light-Ancient Sun ; chemical-Ancient Moon ; and life-Earth. According to the teachings of esoteric Christianity, the fallen powers - the spirits of darkness - are incorporated into the human structure, there awaiting redemption.

1993 The East in the light of the West: two Eastern Streams of the twentieth Century in the light of Christian Esotericism
1999 The Encounter with Evil and its overcoming through spiritual science (with essays on the foundation stone)

SEDDON, Richard
*1993 The End of the Millennium and Beyond, from the works of Rudolf Steiner
2002 The Future of Humanity and the Earth as foreseen by Rudolf Steiner

NESFIELD-COOKSON, Bernard (synthèse systématique des écrits de Steiner sur la Bête)
1998 Michael and the two-horned Beast: the challenge of evil today in the light on Rudolf Steiner’s science of the spirit.

EMBERSON, Francis Paul:
2000 From Gondhisapur To Silicon Valley – Spiritual Forces in the Development of Computers and the Future of Technology. The Etheric Dimensions Press, 2000.
Excellent. From the apublisher at: Hu’s Gate, Ledaig, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, PA 75 6NR, Scotland.
L'impulsion spirituelle derrière le développement des ordinateurs et l'avenir de la technologie dans leurs relations avec le mouvement anthroposophique"La superstition, c'est la croyance en des esprits là où il n'y en a pas ; mais on peut aussi ne pas y croirelà où il y en a ; c'est la superstition négative." (Rudolf Steiner) L'essor extraordinaire de l'ordinateur et de l'informatique, qui commencent à diriger les activités des hommes dans une mesure toujours plus grande, ne peut être compris que si l'on pénètre jusqu'à l'arrière-plan spirituel de ce développement. Les perspectives qui s'ouvrent alors sont bouleversantes. Le regard est entraîné, d'un côté, vers des événements historiques peu connus des premiers siècles de notre ère; de l'autre côté, l'évolution future de l'intelligence artificielle se laisse deviner

AI - Artificial Intelligence or Automated Imbecility? Can machines think and feel? Valdemar W. Setzer Dept. of Computer Science, University of São Paulo, Brazil Written in Nov. 2002 - current version 3.1, June 2, 2003

The Computer - A Technological Manifestation Of The Spiritual Threshold
Gottfried Straube

Microwave pollution and a reflection on it in the light of Platonic and Aristotelian thinking by Sarah Benson

Electricity and Human Consciousness

DE JONG, Nicolaas
2001 “UFO’s: the search for truth, reality and tools for their redemption”

2001 “UFO’s: Pre-eminent phenomena of our time: contemporary esoteric background on UFO’s” (

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